Using a custom email domain

Reasons To Use Your Own Domain

Reason 1: Companies that do not use custom email domains are quite often seen as reliable or trustworty.

Reason 2: Scammers are getting more sophisticated with their tricks but an easy way for your clients to be able to weed them out is if you use a custom email domain. For example our domain of is what allows our clients to easily recognize us in their inbox. Where if I was using there is nothing stopping someone from using To some people these may be far enough apart to tell the difference. To others a simple excuse like, "I am having trouble getting into the other account" would be enough for them to trust the email.

Reason 3: While in the past purchasing a domain name and using it as your primary email address was a way to show you could afford to spend some money on marketing, today it is a cheap way to keep your company name infront of the client.

Reason 4: The time to set this up is minimal, but provides a uniform look and feel for those communicating with you and your emplyees.

Reason 5: Using public email domains for your personal email may be fine, however most businesses like keep their emails from ending up in the junk folder. While some may still end up there, as a company you have more control and options available to keep your emails from ending up in junk folders.

Reason 6: Most companies like to think they will never be sued, but if you are in business long enough it will probably happen. When using a public email domain or your personal email, everything related to that email address has the potential to be viewed as part of discovery.

Reason 7: If you are using a shared email account or if your employees are using their personal email accounts this puts your company at risk. If someone leaves or is fired you need to make sure to change the password to any shared email account as soon as possible. If they are using their personal email you do not have control over any information they have and could cause harm or steal clients since that is the email address the client knows.

While this list covers quite a bit of information there are quite a few other risks with using an email address that is not custom for your domain. If you would like to discuss further please reach out using our contact us page.